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Confucius-Set at Institute of Professional Development, KIU Gilgit, as a dispatched public institution stationed in Gilgit Baltistan, with the co-sponsor of Xinjian Agriculture University China with the support of Hanban Headquarters China.

 In order to fully benefit from the CPEC, there is a need to improve the language   and cultural ties between the two countries which will ultimately lead to a better understanding of each other’s society and as well as socio-economic systems. This calls for a strategy to strengthen educational cooperation between China and Pakistan, support and promote the development of Chinese language education, and increase mutual understanding among people in China and in Pakistan, with the stipulated aim and objectives, KIU requested the establishment of Confucius Institute at its main campus in Gilgit on 2016.  

HSK & HSKK Test Schedule for 2023

Chinese Beginner Course
Chinese Intermediate Course2
Chinese Advance Course3


Qingming or Pure Brightness Festival
Spring Festival 2022


  • Teaching Chinese language & providing Chinese language teaching resources.
  • Training Chinese language instructors;
  • Holding the HSK examination (Chinese Proficiency Test) & tests for the Certification of the Chinese Language Teachers;
  • Providing information & consultative services concerning China’s education, culture, and so forth;
  • Conducting language and cultural exchange activities;
  • Introduction of Chinese Language as a three (03) Credit hour optional course for the undergraduate program at the KIU” in every new semester.
3 weeks Summer Camp at China

Awareness Session on Chinese Language Scholarship Program

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