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Institute of Professional Development, Karakoram International University offers training and skills to its students as well as in the community, who cannot afford to register for regular University programmes. The Institute is established in 2008. The aim of IPD is to provide professional training in light engineering, construction, agriculture farming and mining sectors at all level of community. IPD has actively conducted short-term training programmes in agriculture, mining, electrical and mechanical works, civil, forestry, fisheries, IT, entrepreneurship and life skills. The major emphasis, however, is made in vocational programmes on the utilization of local resources like gemstone cutting, polishing and marketing, jewelry design, wood cutting, crafting and carving, fruit processing and preservation, herbal medicines and related products. The trainees in these trades supposed not only to improve their employment opportunities but also can be ready for carrying any entrepreneurship activities and starting their own businesses. Conducting the courses is meant to contribute to alleviating of unemployment and promoting economic development.

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